5 Basic Styles To Know How To Apply Blush

There’s nothing complicated about blush, or so we like to believe. There is not much detail required, we don’t have to stay inside of predefined lines and let’s face it, eveyone looks better with blush. But truth be told, there’s more to applying blush than simply putting it on, because understanding the style of blush that complemets your facial features can me all the difference.

You see, well though out and carefully placed blush can change your apearence and the shape of your face in tricky ways and it does not necessarily require a whole lot of work. We’re not talking about multy layer step systems here, just simple, well though out blush.

Understand the five basic blush positionings, play with it and find the style that best excentuates your beauty and makes you sparkle and radiate beauty. Knowing where to apply blush based on your facial features will make a big difference in your looks. Here are the 5 applications of blush:

Full Cheeks Blush

Do you have a large, long face? big, filling blush can do miracles for you. When you choose large blush that goes outside of your blush lines and covers more than your regular blush would, you are shortening your face significantly and are shaping it into various shapes depending on the strokes or application with rounded pats. Try full cheek blush with a very subtle shade, and make sure to lighten up your eyes and lips as well for a well blended in look making your cheeks the bold statement.

Applying Outer Blush

Outer blush, also known as contour blush allows you to shade your cheekbones and temples, thus drawing all the focus into the middle of your face. This is best suited for those with wider faces. Don’t over do it, as key here is subtlety. Apply just enough to draw attention to the center of your face without rough contours.

Upper Blush Application

Use this one appropriately. Upper blush can create a youthful appearance and may not be suited for everyone. If you have a small or round face, it may be a good choice, as it will make your appear part of the face longer, giving you a balanced look. This style of blush is also popular in Eastern cultures, especially in Japan.

Putting On Lower Blush

Place lower blush right bellow your cheeks, right over the bone and it will even things out if you have a long, prominent chin drawing too much attention on your face. Lower blush has similar effect as upper blush, elongating upper part of your face for a balanced definition.

Center Blush Application

Do you have a square shaped jawline? Would you like to soften your bone structure? Center Blush will do the trick for you. All you have to do is simply apply round bursts of blush right on the apples of your cheeks, right in the center. This rounding effect on your face will balance your face, blend bony look and draw attention to your beautiful eyes.

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