How To Apply Eyeliner And Which One Is Best For You?

If there is one makeup component that a woman should never skip or neglect, it’s eyeliner. Knowing which eyeliner is best for you and how to apply eyeliner correctly, in a way that complements your facial features will be determining factor whether you will look your best or not. The biggest secret in beauty, the importance of eye liner is no secret any more: girls on runways know it, stars at Hollywood know it and in this day and age every woman needs to know it too!

Eyeliner use has grown in huge popularity recently, and it makes sense as to why: it’s an integral part of your beauty outfit. Don’t think for a moment that there isn’t much to eyeliner though, because there is way more to it than meets the eye. With so many options, it may seem overwhelming to decide which type of eyeliner to wear and which style would go best for a sexy night out, or a professional meeting at work, what about something in between: sophisticated, lashy look that grabs and demands attention?

But fear not, once you have a good understanding of the types of eyeliner out there and how to differentiate them for your personal needs of style, you will be ready to pick and choose depending on your style of the day or beauty intent.

When it comes to eyeliners, there are five major ones that you need to look at. Pencil, liquid, gel, cream and last but not least: powder eyeliner.

Applying Pencil Eyeliner

No matter which eyeliner you regularly choose to use or which one you prefer, you must always have a few pencils in your makeup bag. Period. Pencil is the base, the grand, the main eyeliner that is so versatile that anyone from beginners to fashion stars and makeup pros can effectively use on daily basis b11fv7w. They are great for beginners because it really is easy to apply and less likely to mess up, and great for professionals because it allows so much flexibility and precision.

You can line inside the eye, around the lash line and you could even use pencil eyeliner to intensify the eye shadow. From traditional Kohl’s, typical wax and long-wear waterproof pencil eyeliners come in a variety of formulations. The important point to keep in mind when choosing the type of pencil to apply is to look at the setting and environmental conditions. Being more densely packed with pigment, you might opt to use waterproof pencil or Kohl’s for the inside of the eye. Whatever type you chose, make sure to always have your pencil nice and sharp as well as sanitary and hold it like a writing pencil, using the not just the point but the whole tip to draw the shape that you desire.

Liquid Eyeliner Application

You may not have known this, but the classic liquid eyeliners were developed for use in film, hence the popularity of it with all the Hollywood stars. Those iconic retro looks in the sixties were all glorified by liquid eyeliners. Whether it’s soft kicks of color or dashing sophistication of the cat eyes, bold daring looks of sharp, graphic shapes – it’s all attributed to liquid liner.

They may look less dimensional due to being highly pigmented, even come off as being flat, but when combined with other elements of makeup, the dimension will start to rise , creating the perspective that demands adoration. The only challenge with liquid liners is that they require a steady hand for application. If you prefer more control you might want to use pen instead, but if you still want to use liquid and want to make it a bit easier, you can use taupe eye shadow first to create the shape and trace your liquid right over it after.

Applying Gel Eyeliner

Gel and liquid eyeliner have quit the different properties, despite some groups of people arguing that they are simply the same – they are not. While Gel is generous and allows to build the line up to drama that you desire due to it’s pliability, liquid eyeliner simply does not offer the same even though it is good at creating immediate sharp lines.

If you are just getting started with eyeliners, gel might be a good fit for you. You can even create crisp hard lines or less dramatic, smokey effects with it. One special trick you can have in your arsenal is to dot gel eyeliner on your eyelashes to thicken them up. Goes without saying that gel’s longer lasting, waterproof formula is a no-brainer for some, but do keep in mind that you will require an additional brush with gel wenxdzd.

Putting On Cream Liner

Although many makeup artists will tell you that cream liners and gel eyeliners are one and the same, cream eyeliners don’t have the same durability and waterproof qualities that gel has to offer, so keep that in mind when selecting this type when you makeupify yourself.

Powdering With Powder Eyeliner

When it comes to endless possibilities, you want to be looking at powder eyeliner that you can get in variety of packages. You can use angled brush with your choice of eye shadow and the benefit is that you can pick from the endless supply of variety of colors and textures available. Powders are often a great pick for smokey eye and will be long lasting for the most part. Combine them with other formulations and you are ready for the red carpet look.

Since the times of ancient Egypt and even before, people have been wearing pigment on their eyes. Even the ancients knew the importance of eyeliner and the dramatic improvement it can offer for your beauty looks. While different eyeliner formulas have their own identity and advantages, the fact remains, that it is absolutely integral to the solid, sexy, longer lasting presence for anyone with attention to beauty and style.

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